Welcome to my online portfolio!

Welcome to my online portfolio! I hope you enjoy your time on here as you get to know me a little better.

I’ve combined the tenacity and skepticism of an award-winning journalist with the creativity and engagement skills of a communications and social media specialist to become a talented digital/brand journalist. I have skills in social media engagement and branding, multimedia, editing, design, and photography. I’ve covered sports, religion, and border issues and immigration in the Dominican Republic.

My experiences have been many and varied. I’ve worked in journalism, banking, hospitality and state government. I’ve increased engagement and follower bases everywhere I’ve gone. I believe that every person in every company has a story to tell, and it’s the personal stories that give departments a more engaging, human feel that then leads to goals being pursued.

If you’re in to Strengths Finder 2.0, you’ll want to know that my top 5 strengths are:
1- Context
2- Woo
3- Communication
4- Includer
5- Consistency

I do consulting work of many kinds, for large companies, small businesses and private individuals. If you need my services in communications, social media branding, videography, public relations, writing, editing, design or photography, get in touch with me on my “Getting Social” page.


I’m originally from the Salt Lake City area.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism from Brigham Young University. I completed my Master’s degree at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University faster than anyone else in school history at the time.

My favorite thing to do is enjoy time with my family. I love all kinds of sports, love to be outdoors and I love to spend time with friends.